Interior Designer Salary: Create More Income as A Designer

The interior designer has been famous for its promising career. By promising means a high number of dollars can be earned through this job. Talking about the number, the Labor Department of the United States reveals that interior designers are paid around $24 per hour. In other words, the average salary of an interior designer is nearly $50,000 annually.

The number, somehow, varies according to some factors. Working location, years of experience, as well as the level of work difficulties create a salary range for interior designers. The number can also increase once interior designers make extra money.

Interior Designer

This page aims to explore several ways that interior designers can do to make more money. What are those? Check it down below.

Marketing is Everything

Let say you are a very talented interior designer. You can also make brilliant designs. Yet, the world will never know those facts unless you make good marketing of yourself.

Technology is an advancement that you can maximally use to market yourself. A sophisticated web of your own will be a good marketing way. People can see what you can do and how you work. Therefore, make sure you hire a professional photographer to best capture your masterpiece.

Another way is by allocating some of your money on advertising. Let the professionals do their jobs. A successful advertisement will bring clients into your doorstep. The more clients you have the more money comes to your account.

Suppliers are Your Best Friend

Being an interior designer deals with providing some products for your clients as a part of your service. Sofa, table lamp, and wall decoration are just some examples that you work on. Getting a special price for all your purchasing will make extra money for your wallet.

You can negotiate the pricing with the suppliers. Make a deal that you will purchase from them in most of your projects. Big discounts on good products can really affect the salary of an interior designer. Therefore, make suppliers as your best friend.

Customers Relationship Does You A Favor

Your work with your clients does not end after you perfectly design their residentials. Nor it finishes after the payment. You have more to do if you want to make more money on that.

A follow up to your clients is not a crime. Email them on how they satisfy with your work. Or else, you can send them a greeting card on a certain holiday. Let them remember you. That way, once they or their relatives need a service of an interior designer, they will find you.

Every Hour Matters

The work of an interior designer is not limited in making the most use of any space within a room. Consultation, contacting the suppliers or contractors as well as discussing the interior preferences are all the things that an interior designer should handle. And those activities can add up your working hours for sure.

If you are a beginner, it will be fine to charge your clients nothing for a consultation, for instance. Somehow, when you are already an experienced one, do not hesitate to charge them. You can surely make extra money from that. A $24 per hour of your extra work can make a significant additional income for an interior designer.

There are some ways for an interior designer to make more money for what they do. Work harder to save more. One thing for sure: set a clear rule on that.