Salary Range for Home Designer Career? Check This Out

Home designer, or in a more formal environment named residential architect, is one of the well-known occupations. The job gets a positive image due to its clear career path. Therefore, people also see it as a promising job.

It does not achieve its positive label for no reason. The high number of salaries becomes a decisive factor. No wonder, more and more people are plunging themselves into the designing world.

Somehow, a high salary comes along with abundant lists of tasks and risks as well. What actually home designers do? The tidbits below will get you closer to their world.

Home Designer Career

What Do They Do?

Home designers are accountable for creating a functional as well as aesthetic residential. By functional means they should make the most use of any space in the house. Furthermore, they are also responsible for things such as color, lighting, and decoration. Above all, they are to make sure that everything is wrapped within the safety standards.

They are also demanded to have great soft skills. Being a home designer means being a good listener. It has been the primary task of home designers to listen to the clients’ wishes and realize it through visualization. This job also requires good cooperation and coordination as good teamwork with contractors might be needed.

The tasks do not stop there. Home designers also need to always be updated for technology and materials in the industry. Computer-based tools can support home designers in doing the job well. Meanwhile, having wide access to as many references as possible to the materials helps developing the designing task.

How Much is the Salary Range?

For all those demanding tasks, a quite high salary for home designers is considered reasonable. Not only they have to master all those skills mentioned above, but home designers are also required to pass some educational stages. Achieving a bachelor’s degree program in design or architecture is just the beginning. All states in the USA demand home designers to complete licenses to undergo a job of their own.

From the latest report recently in 2019, it is revealed that the salary for a home designer in the USA is ranging from $35,000 to $69,000. Meanwhile, the average salary is $48,373 per year.

The number above varies depending on two aspects: work location and years of experience. Working in a location with a high living cost, the salary also lies in a quite high number. That is why the salary of home designers in Colorado is different from those working in New York.

Years of experience also matters. The longer years mark the more experience of a home designer is. Designers with less than 1-year working experience earn around $39,000 in a year. A contrast salary can be seen in experienced designers who have been working for 10 to 19 years. They can collect a total income of $58,000 per year.


The tasks of home designers are more than just drawing a sketch. There are long to-do lists on that. For that reason, the salary might be so tempting for some people. Yet, it is better to get to know the tasks in advance before deciding to plunge yourselves in the designing world.