Space Designer 3D: Best Online Home Design Software

Designing a house might be a job that can only be done by a professional designer. But did you know that without having any professional expertise you can also design your own dwelling?

The trick is to use Space Designer 3D, it will help you be able to design your own home in 2D or even 3D format. Space Designer 3D has many professional features that you can use for free or paid.

Draw your designs from interior to exterior

Space Designer 3D is an online home design software that has more than 5000 items of furniture that you can mix and match to design your interior. So you don’t have to pay expensive designers to design your homes, offices, shops or other commercial buildings.

Not only the interior, with Space Designer 3D you can also design all parts of the house. Starting from the floor, walls, basement, to the roof.

Space Designer 3D

Display your designs in 2D and 3D real-time format

You can use your design in 2D print-out format for project proposal requirements. Now you can become a professional designer for any property project.

In addition, if you want to experience a more tangible experience on your design, you can use VR glasses and walk around in your 3D design.

Easy to use

Not only can be used on laptops, Space Designer 3D can also be used on mobile devices without having to download any application. You only need to visit the site and log in.

Not only light on your device’s memory, Space Designer 3D also allows you to be able to access the results of your work on all types of digital devices.

Space Designer 3D performance and features

Space Designer 3D can be used by both beginners and professionals. Running in Cloud Computer systems with SaaS schemes make it easy for users to access their design results on any digital device.

If that is still not easy enough for you, Space Designer 3D also provides a team that can help you to design your home.

If you willing to be more proficient, Space Designer 3D also provides training programs on Webinars and Live Online. Other features that can help you build your property include:

  • Bills of material, help you design a budget.
  • Contract Management, managing work contracts with your clients.
  • Presentation Tools, help you explain your project to clients with the help of presentation slides.
  • Proposals, offer cooperation opportunity to build your project to clients.
  • Job Costing, arranges payments to your workers.
  • Floor Plans & Maps, showing the workflows to your stack holder.


You can use all these features for free with restrictions on the number of downloads and several other features. If you want to experience the advance feature, you can subscribe at a monthly rate that will be billed via credit card.

You don’t need to worry, you can unsubscribe without a cancellation fee. You can also change your subscription plan at any time just by logging in.


Space Designer 3D is an online home design software that can help you to design all types of properties without having to download anything. You can use Space Designer 3D in any type of browser.

Space Designer 3D has optimal rendering capabilities so you can feel a realistic visual experience. Allows you to integrate visual reality devices into your design.

To get rid of restrictions and to be able to use all of its features, you are charged a monthly subscription rate whose payment scheme you can see on the official site.