Sweet Home 3D Easy To Use Desktop Home Design Software

You need to designing your home interiors to feels more comfortable and suit for you. To make your interior feel more personal you can easily design the interior of your home independenly with Sweet Home 3D Easy To Use Desktop Home Design Software.

This software is available for free and easy to use even for someone who does not have the expertise to design a home interior before. The features provided are very numerous and complete so that it can accommodate all your design needs.

Sweet Home 3D


This software is available for free and you can download it on the official website. The free version of Sweet Home 3D Easy To Use Desktop Home Design Software is equipped with 100 items of furniture and 26 texture choices.

If you feel that the item still does not meet your needs, you can buy the paid version of this software which is equipped with 1400 items of furniture and 418 texture choices. The paid version you can buy on Amazon and you will always get the latest version updates if you buy the paid version.

You can try for free version through the online version with feature restrictions, on the paid version you can use this software both online and offline without any restrictions.

Minimum Specifications

This software can run on Linux and Windows platforms. Running this software does not require high hardware specifications. You have at least a Windows 98 Operating system with a 400MHZ processor, 256MB RAM speed and a graphics card that has the latest driver updates. Of course, these specifications are very easy to fulfill for some computers today.

How to use

Sweet Home 3D has many powerful features, you can design your home in just 3 easy steps.

  • The first to draw a plan, this step includes forming a home plan, drawing and adjusting the thickness of the wall, selecting windows and doors, and choosing the type of floor.
  • The second step is to decorate the room, you can add furniture, textures, and add other objects to your design.
  • The final step, createa photo, you can print your design results in a more realistic form with photo and video rendering features. This will produce more tangible output than your previous design drawing. You can also adjust the display time of morning, evening, or night for more dramatic impression.

The rendering results will look very real and you can share the results of your work as a contribution to the Sweet Home 3D software to help others. Other forms of contribution you can make such as donations, help translating to other languages, and report bugs and contribute to the java source code.

If you have difficulty using this software or want to become more proficient in using it, Sweet Home 3D provides a special column of tips and tricks on its official website. So you can learn how to use this software easily.

Import 3D objects

You can add other 3D objects created by contributors by downloading for free on sites recommended by Sweet Home3D. Before that, make sure you have the latest version of Sweet Home 3D in order to run 3D objects.

You should pay attention to the license of the 3D object that you download whether or not it allows for commercial use.