The 5 Best Home Design Software: Choose The One That Best Suits Your Needs

There are too many tools that you can use to help you design your home. This will makes you confused to choose which software is best suits for your needs. The best software indicators are not only based on their performance in executing your design creations, but also must be according to your needs, budget, and simplicity.

Before you choose The Best Home Design Software, you should first know your needs. Maybe you need to adjust your computer specifications, prices, features, or interfaces to suit your project. That’s why we present a review of The 5 Best Home Design Software that best suits your needs.

Home Design Softwarea

  1. Virtual Architect Ultimate

This software is the most recommended software for you. In general this software has a reasonable price with the performance offered. In addition, this software has a user friendly appearance and has a wizard and sample plan that can facilitate us in designing homes.

The features available in this software are the most complete compared to other home design software. There are object features such as sidewalk, lighting, gazebo, decks, and all other outdoor living space features. Not to mention the encyclopedia plant which consists of more than 7,500 plants, such as ground cover, flowers, trees, and shrubs.

There are also features of seasonal changes that can show the appearance of your design in each different season. In addition there is also a visualize plant growth that can show the condition and development of your plants over time.

It’s just to be able to use it on your smartphone will incur additional costs. This software also cannot be connected to Trimble 3D warehouse. Besides that when compared to another home design software, Virtual Architect Ultimate has the least sample plan compared to other software.

You can run this software on the Windows Vista operating system, up to Windows 10 with a 2 Ghz processor and 4 Gb RAM and 1 Gb videocard. This software is priced at $ 99.99.

  1. Home Designer Suite

This software is suitable for Apple-made hardware users namely Mac, besides that another advantage of this software is being able to synergize with other software such as SketchUp and Trimble 3D warehouse. More importantly, you can scan physical objects and import them into this software.

It’s just that this software is quite difficult to use by a beginner, so it takes time and patience to be proficient in using it. If you are a landscape designer, this software is not suitable because it does not support the presence of water features such as fish ponds and very few plant libraries. The price is also quite expensive for a beginner at $ 495.

If the price is too expensive, you can rent a month for $ 49 / month. The required computer specifications are Windows 7, 8, 10 64 bits, 4GB RAM, 1 GB VGA Card memory, and a 3.3 Ghz processor. This software can also be run on Macintosh.

There are smart features such as smart objects that can automatically connect every part of the house such as doors, windows, railings, and floors. And the support of 6,500 choices of residential furniture objects.

  1. Turbo FloorPlan Pro 2019

This software is suitable for a beginner because it does not have many features that you may not use too often. Plus the price is quite affordable at $ 49.99 only. To make it easier for users, this software is also equipped with a tuturial video that will guide you to use this software. This software is not equipped with a design wizard and garden features such as fences and ponds.

This software is also equipped with 45 sample plans that you can directly use in designing your home. This software is equipped with thousands of choices of drag-and-drop objects such as material, color and texture choices. There is a smart feature called auto framing that can automatically connect every part of the house such as stairs, roofs, walls, and so on.

The required system specifications are 1 GB processor, Windows 7, 1 GB RAM, and VGA Card that can display 1024×768 resolution.

  1. DreamPlan

This software is perfect for someone with a tight budget and just starting to learn home design. This software is equipped with all the basic features and is very easy to use.

With a price of only $ 29.99, this software can only be used on micro projects and is provided with very few library objects with one sample plan. This software is suitable for those of you who don’t want to take big risks when starting to study home design.

Although the price is cheap, this software can make designs with a professional appearance when designing a level house with all its parts, such as walls, decks, doors, windows, to the roof.

The function of outdoor living spaces such as parks and ponds can also be displayed by this software. All of these functions can be displayed in a 3D visual display. It’s just that this software has a complicated 3D navigation and is not very important.

  1. Total 3D Landscape

This software has more than 1000 sample plans and makes it the most practical and instant choice in designing a home.

The disadvantages of this software are that many of the main features are removed and its use is difficult for a beginner. Features like the framing editor are also not as sophisticated as other software even though this feature is very important for home design. This software also only has 800 items in its library, as different as Virtual Architect Ultimate which has more than 7,500 furniture choices.

The lowest price on this list is only $ 19.90. the minimum specifications of the computer that you are using must meet the following requirements, 128 MB RAM, 2 GB hard drive, XP operating system, and 800×600 monitor. These specifications certainly feel light for today’s computers. To access online services you must connect to stable internet connection.

Free software

If paid software is still too risky for you, there is a choice of free software, although the features are not as complete as paid software, but you can still use it for your micro projects. Here is the list:

Roomsketcher home designer

This software has an easy interface that is drag-and-drop and has quite a number of basic features to design a home such as the placement of floors, roofs, walls, windows, and so on. Although not as powerful as paid software, you can still use generic tools that are usually found in paid software.

You can use the Roomsketcher home designer to create five projects. But to make the next five projects you have to pay as much as $ 10. You can use Roomsketcher home designer on various platforms both Windows or Android and iOS.

SketchUp Free

SketchUp Free is an online tool provided with limited features that you can try before buying the paid version. Inside you will find some basic tools that are usually present in paid software. Also in this software is provided with furniture design that you can use in your design.

3D Space Designer

3D Space Designer is an online tool for designing your home. You don’t need to install anything on your computer because you only need to access it through your browser.

3D Space Designer can run on any platform ranging from computers or mobile phones. 3D Space Designer is equipped with thousands of furniture choices that you can use right away. It’s just that you will be limited to the number of downloads and are required to pay monthly on subsequent downloads.