The Best Smart Home Security Systems for Your Safety in Home

Having a house with an high level of security is now a necessity, especially for city dwellers. The high crime rate makes someone worried to leave the house and family members at home.

By having a high security system, you will get a sense of security that cannot be valued in money. The worst possibility that you and your family can be eliminated with a good security system.

Home Security Systems

Having a high security system now feels more affordable for most people. With the Internet of Things, you can integrate the security devices that you install into the Internet. This making you to be able to monitor the condition of the house and also automatically contact the police or emergency unit when a disaster occurs.

Here are some things about the best smart home security systems for your safety in home:

Streaming and automation systems on smart home security

A smart home security is usually equipped with several additional sensors to be able to recognize the danger that occurs at home. Some of these sensors are among the motion sensors that can recognize the movements of animals or people you don’t know.

In addition there are other sensors such as CO sensors that can detect toxic gases such as carbon monoxide and smoke to prevent fires. Water sensors to prevent flooding, sound sensors, and so on.

These sensors are usually integrated online in a software that will react with certain tasks so that an automation system is created in your smart home security.

Installed surveillance cameras can also be integrated into a particular software or site, so that when you travel abroad you can still monitor the security conditions of your home, office or other property through streaming in realtime.

Some applications that are integrated with your security device also make it possible to store your data on conventional storage such as an SD card or hard drive. This can reduce subscription fees compared to storing your recordings in cloud storage.

All of these features you can access through your smartphone. When your alarm lights up you can turn off the alarm via a smartphone. But if you are inside the house, your application can deactivate its function as an alarm so that you are not disturbed by the sound. This depends on how good the quality of the home security system that you install on your home.

DIY home security system

This option is suitable for those of you who have a small budget but still require a high level of security in your home. Although you need to integrate dozens of different applications and hardware in one system, you will really feel how much savings you made on this project.

You can buy a cheap DIY Security System Hub and can only combine a few devices on your system. But if you need more security than that, you can buy a more expensive DIY Security System Hub with more device support.

Now many vendors provide Hub DIY Security systems with professional quality but offer very affordable prices. Plus installation that you can do yourself easily and quickly. So you don’t need to worry about getting a smart home security system at an affordable price.

Professional Home Security system

If you want to take a peek at what kind of Home Security system a rich person has, of course they have a more practical and sophisticated Home Security system. They use more complicated types of sensors such as CO alarms, glass break detectors, door and window sensors, automation devices, and more.

Besides the connection required is also not as simple as using wi-fi. In the Professional Home Security system, it uses a variety of connections such as z-wave radio, RF, and zigbee. Installing a Professional Home Security system also requires skilled technicians provided by this service provider. You only need to make a Professional Home Security system order and a technician will be sent to do the installation.

Monthly fee

Whether you use the DIY option or a professional security system, you will be charged a monthly rate for using the software you are using. In addition, you will also be charged a monthly fee for the hardware you are renting.

DIY Home Security System

If you choose the DIY Home Security System option such as the Ring Protect Plan, you will be charged a monthly fee of $ 10. If you choose Simplysafe you will be charged a monthly fee of $ 15. Alternatively you can use Nest Secure for a monthly fee of $ 29, but if you subscribe to a 3-year contract then you will get a discount so the price drops to $ 19.

Professional Home Security system

The consequence of the quality offered by professional service providers is that the tariffs are more expensive. If you use the services of an ADT company, you will be charged a monthly fee of $ 28.99 per month and require a commitment to use for three years. This does not include the initial cost of providing hardware for more than $ 3000. That doesn’t include a monthly fee of $ 60 per month.

If you use LifeShield services, you can buy the hardware independently or you rent it from them. They will charge you at a rate of $ 30 per month and require a commitment to use for three years including monitoring services. But you will also be charged an upfront activation fee of $ 100 and you will not have the right to own the hardware you have rented at the end of the contract.

List of Smart Home security System service providers

There are so many choices that you can choose according to your budget and needs. Something that is the most expensive and has the most complete features is not necessarily the best choice for you. Therefore we also show the advantages and disadvantages of each of the options below:

  1. ADT Pulse

ADT Pulse has the best performance in maintaining the security of your home with the most complete features and the best quality. ADT Pulse can also be integrated with third party applications and has software that can be used through your cellphone and computer.

ADT Pulse are very unaffordable for most people. Besides this service also requires some additional tools and also you have to subscribe for three years or get a penalty if it’s less than that.

  1. Simplisafe

This option is the most affordable compared to the others and does not require a large additional fee, besides that you are also free to subscribe without a contract. For a fairly reliable security Simplisafe is the right choice. The lack of this service is the surveillance camera feature you cannot rely on through this service.

  1. Ring Alarm Security Kit

This option is inexpensive and very easy to install manually. It’s just that you won’t be able to do much integration on third-party hardware and software. You could say this option is suitable for you who need a basic level of security at an affordable price.

  1. Honeywell Smart Home Security

Honeywell Smart Home Security is a cheap service that is very easy to install manually. Additionally, you can integrate this service with various types of third-party hardware and software.

By using Honeywell Smart Home Security can also communicate with the voice commands device like Alexa and Amazon Echo. Honeywell Smart Home Securit also features face recognition, and you can use it with paid or free cloud storage. The lack of this service you can’t enjoy professional monitoring.

  1. Nest secure

This option is a service that provides maximum security for your home. Nest secure also works with many sensor devices and is also supported by third-party hardware and software. With the many advantages of Nest secure services, it is burdening its customers with very expensive tariffs.